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My diary about my life as a writer, professional voice talent, entrepreneur, reader, gluten free advocate, and runner, random thoughts, new discoveries, and whatever else that keeps me in the pursuit of happiness.

Time Waits for No One

Since I've been engrossed in other things over the past few years, I haven't really been in close touch with the publishing industry. Of course, I've been connected to social media so I've watched authors flourish and new authors come onto the scene. But I have not necessarily kept in the know of the publishing market or publishing trends.

Well, now I'm catching up and I almost feel overwhelmed. The industry has indeed changed so much with publishing methods, publishing trends, and marketing opportunities. Although I don't feel like I will have to start off at square one again, I do feel that I have to study the industry again to get up to speed. And I can do this while I continue my writing projects.

Some of the changes put questions in my mind though. E-books seems to be gaining traction (since when I published); self-publishing--which was a gamble and was considered inferior when I published--seems to no longer be taboo; and traditional publishing seems even more elusive. On top of this, it appears that the industry is possibly in the midst of a transition between traditional and self-publishing. And then there's the whole Amazon thingy.  Read More 
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