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My diary about my life as a writer, professional voice talent, entrepreneur, reader, gluten free advocate, and runner, random thoughts, new discoveries, and whatever else that keeps me in the pursuit of happiness.

Check Off

So it only took me about five or six years to get my website back up. I can finally check this one off the to-do list! Just one of those things where you get so busy...relocation here, a surgery there...next thing you know, boom, it's six years later!

But I'm excited to get things going again. Well, things have been going nonstop, but now I'm getting to the point where I can start focusing more on my writing. Got two book projects that I slated to be complete this year and got plans for 2015. Not that I want to get ahead of myself.

Anyway, I want to finish this while I'm hot on the trail. Put up excerpts and hope that later this year, I can add excepts to the books that I have in the works. Got to get it done!
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