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My diary about my life as a writer, professional voice talent, entrepreneur, reader, gluten free advocate, and runner, random thoughts, new discoveries, and whatever else that keeps me in the pursuit of happiness.

Writing by Immersion

I have to admit that sometimes writing can seem like a hit or miss activity for me. Writer's block would be such a lovely and convenient excuse to quote, but is not the case--at least not with me. Simply, it's life.

I always listen and take in the tips that other writers share to address the writer's lifestyle issues of work, family, and life. Find a quite space, schedule your writing time, and just write for 15 minutes straight without judgement are tips that I hear and read. I must admit that I've tried most of those and failed. For me, I find that forcing myself to do something just doesn't work for me. Yet, I understand the concept of repeating an action to create a habit. Sounds good and works well with most people and even for me for somethings. But not writing.

What I'm finding that works for me is total immersion in the concepts of writing throughout the day ignites the writing spark. I spend about 2.5 hours in a car on my daily commute to work. In addition to writing, I have to find a way to squeeze in voice over training as well. Unintentionally, I have turned both of these into opportunities to study writing and it keeps me engulfed in the writing spirit. I'm now seeing that if fuels my writing on the weekends.

As I listen to writing techniques offered by successful writers, I'm eager to practice and incorporate lessons learned in my writing projects. As I read about writing, I read aloud to incorporate my voice over training and practice enunciation. So when I write now, I don't think about writing 15 minutes a day or trying to form a habit. Instead, I'm focused on writing words and constructing better sentences.

I think the key to ending procrastination is finding what works for you. Tools and techniques that other authors provide are great, but only if it works for you. If it doesn't, I think it's important to keep trying different things until you come across the one that makes you forget that you're writing.

Now, I'm three chapters into my writing project and have a completed synopsis for novel number three. Feels like I'm back on track...again. And that feels great.
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